Long Island Wins Has a New Online Editor


Hello Everyone,

My name is Kevin Fung and I am the new online editor of Long Island Wins. I’m thrilled to join this exciting organization at a pivotal time in Long Island’s and our nation’s immigration history. I plan to help keep Long Island informed on immigration issues, a goal that is more vital now than ever before.

We’ll soon be launching a newly redesigned website, which I’m sure many of you will find to be a welcome change as we continue to bring you the latest in immigration news and issues. We’ll also continue to boost our presence on social media platforms, including on Facebook and Twitter, as we look to expand the reach of Long Island Wins through the Island and beyond. We look forward to exchanging thoughts and ideas with you.

As far as my background, I’ve been a career journalist, reporting mainly on the financial world and covering the capital markets. A lifelong New Yorker, I was born in Brooklyn, where I currently reside alongside my wife, herself also an immigrant. I received my undergraduate degree in Communications and Journalism at CUNY Hunter College. My interests range far and wide, I’m a car enthusiast, an avid Knicks fan and an overall news and information junkie. When I’m not covering immigration, I’m often on Wikipedia and Google News absorbing information on as many different topics as possible.

Immigration is a topic that strikes a personal chord for me. My parents were immigrants from Hong Kong, having come to America to pursue a better life. My wife is a recent immigrant from Russia, also lured to these shores by the hopes and prospects of this great country. Having experienced the grueling process firsthand of attaining permanent resident status for my wife, I understand as much as anyone that we need comprehensive immigration reform in the United States.

I’m excited to contribute my thoughts and reporting to the community, and to exchange ideas with readers through this site and in person. Together we will move forward on immigration.

I look forward to the journey.