Congressional Clash Emerging Over Immigration

(Photo/Creative Commons/James Palinsad)

With the August recess looming, Congress members are scrambling, yet again, in an attempt to make inroads on immigration reform amid the burgeoning immigration crisis that threatens DACA recipients and is now actively tearing apart families.

On the right, lawmakers are scheduled to host a closed-door session on Thursday to formulate a plan to control immigration legislation, NPR reported. Meanwhile, moderates are pushing forward a discharge petition that would force votes on immigration legislation. As of Tuesday, the petition has 213 of the 218 signatures needed. As CBS News described:

The centrists want to provide a way for the young immigrants to become permanent residents, which can lead to citizenship. Conservatives are opposed to creating a new pathway to staying in the U.S. permanently, equating it with granting amnesty to lawbreakers.

Since the beginning of the year, Congress has attempted to use impending government shutdowns and the March DACA “deadline” to spur movement on legislation.

Those who align with the anti-immigrant agenda sought to use such leverage points to steer immigration reform toward draconian ends. They are opting for immigration legislation that excludes pathways to citizenship, including for DACA recipients, while ramping up funds and resources for unnecessary border enforcement. This, they believe, will avoid President Trump’s veto pen. NPR wrote:

The House has not attempted to take up any immigration legislation under Trump because GOP leaders have been unable to draft a bill that can pass on GOP votes alone, and unwilling to advance bipartisan legislation if there is no guarantees Trump would sign it into law.

Compromise is consistently cast aside in order to appease Trump and his deportation machine. However, as any sensible advocate of immigration understands, a true immigration fix includes both a pathway to citizenship and a clean DREAM Act.

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