Audience Expectations for “What Killed Marcelo Lucero?” in Patchogue [PHOTOS]


Earlier today, I wrote an account of Tuesday night’s performance of “What Killed Marcelo Lucero?” a play that strives to engage audience members in dialogue about immigration. The performance took place at St. Joseph’s College in Patchogue.

I interviewed a handful of audience members before the play, asking them about their expectations, and if they were going into the performance with any existing ideas about immigration on Long Island.

Here are their thoughts:

20110427-joseJose Bermudez, 22, lives in Bay Shore, junior at St. Joseph’s College

“I know people who are immigrants—my girlfriend came from Haiti. I know that people who come from other countries come here and struggle. But they come here for better opportunities and to achieve the American way of life.

20110427-ellenEllen Clyne, 55, Brookhaven, community member and St. Joseph’s College alumnus

“I’m hoping that it will be provocative without beating me over the head with the issue. I’m hoping that it will be something that generates positive discussion and brings some healing to the community.”

20110427-marvin1Marvin Perez, 20, Inwood, junior at St. Joseph’s College and the head of Puente, a Hispanic culture club that arranged for the play to be performed at the college

“Because we’re so close to the actual event here, I thought it was a good idea to bring it to the school…This is a great play because it focuses on the social aspects of immigration.”

Here’s a slideshow of photos from the performance:

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