Demand Skelos Pass the NY DREAM Act

Call Dean Skelos and tell him to pass the NY DREAM Act today!

With passage of the New York State DREAM Act a possibility this year, Long Island’s own Dean Skelos is the focus of organizing efforts. The Rockville Centre Republican is the State Senate Majority Leader. A sometime ally of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Skelos is considered winnable on this issue.

The New York State DREAM Act would allow immigrants to receive aid under the Tuition Assistance Program regardless of immigration status. The State Assembly has already passed it and the governor has endorsed it, so the only road block is the State Senate. The Senate is highly hierarchical, with the majority leader having great power. When the NY DREAM Act was voted on a year ago, it lost by just three votes in the Senate.

Please call Dean Skelos and tell him that New Yorkers want the DREAM Act passed. You can reach his Albany office at (518) 455-3171.

You can also sign this petition asking to keep the NY DREAM Act in the budget.