WATCH: Harvest of Shadows

A broken immigration system hurts workers.

This week, we’ve posted a series of videos which depict why we as a nation need to reform our broken immigration system.

Our final video is entitled Harvest of Shadows, and it takes you deep onto the sweltering farms of California, where hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrant workers harvest the food that Americans put on the dinner table every night. Despite the hard work that they put in, these workers are treated as less than human, just because of their immigration status. Take a look at the video above, courtesy of MSNBC.

This is a critical time in the push for comprehensive immigration reform. We have a bipartisan bill on the table right now in the House of Representatives that was introduced by Democrats and is seeing Republicans signing on one after another. It’s clear that immigration reform is a top priority for Congress, so let’s push our elected officials to come out in support of immigration reform and bring the bill to a vote this year.

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