Policy Shift Recognizes the Vital Contributions of Undocumented Youth

Today’s fantastic news shows our government taking another vital step towards fixing our broken immigration system.

We’ve always known that a plan for maximizing immigrants’ contributions to our economy would be a way to boost our economic growth, and make America more fair. Today, the administration has taken an important step in that direction.

Thanks to this new rule, more young people will move out of the shadows and under the umbrella of the law. And it sends a powerful signal—for an estimated 800,000 Dreamers across the country, today’s announcement could mean that they can contribute to the only place they call home. This is a huge milestone for Dreamers who have been fighting for years and who lead successful and prosperous lives here in America.

Long Island has seen firsthand the contributions immigrants make to society. People come here from Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America to work hard and support their families.  They’re creating jobs on Long Island – making our area more prosperous and culturally richer.

Like any administrative ruling, it will work only as well as the federal commitment to it.  We hope that the White House will follow through on that commitment. As we’ve seen with the previous administrative action to review deportations of non-criminal undocumented immigrants, words and actions do not always correlate.

We hope this is only one step of many toward a real fix to our immigration system—local, state, and federal policies that recognize what immigrants have to contribute to Long Island and to America.

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