Infographic: Who Does the House GOP Stand With?

By and large, there is overwhelming support for immigration reform from all sectors.

It’s been almost five months since the Senate passed its immigration reform bill, S. 744. Each day that the House of Representatives refuses to take up reform costs the country $37 million, with more than $5 billion in potential revenue lost so far. And just last week, House Speaker John Boehner announced that House Republicans would never agree to go to a conference committee with the Senate bill so that the two houses can work out their differences. This statement came only a few days after House leadership reaffirmed that they will not take any votes on immigration this year. By not doing so, House GOP leaders are protecting the interests of a small pocket of extremists and rejecting the will of a supermajority of Americans across the political spectrum.

The overwhelming consensus of the public—including almost every major business, labor, and faith organization across the nation—is that the time for reform is now. Take a look at who supports immigration reform and the marginal few who oppose it, courtesy of the Center for American Progress:

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