Evangelical Christians Push for Immigration Reform

One of the keys for immigration reform will be support from Evangelicals.

Immigration reform has been viewed as a largely political issue, with both parties on opposite sides of the fence. But if immigration reform is to gain the support of conservatives, it will be through the insistence of Evangelical Christians.

“Evangelicals have the opportunity to be the conscience of the nation,” Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro of Texas told The Atlantic.

To that end, leadership of the Evangelical Immigration Table—a group that is organizing evangelicals who support immigration reform—will meet with House Republican leadership on July 24 to state their case.

“How we treat immigrants is literally how we treat Jesus,” said Jim Wallis of the Sojourners group, which is a member of the Evangelical Immigration Table.

Evangelicals account for about a quarter of the American population and are increasingly diverse racially, ethnically, and geographically.

Evangelical groups did not always support immigration reform. It was only after the failed immigration reform effort of 2006 that Hispanic and other pro-reform evangelicals began to build support across the evangelical community.

It’s clear that in order for immigration reform to pass, we will need widespread support from across the board, from advocacy organizations, to business leaders and labor unions and faith-based groups.

The momentum for immigration reform continues strong, and with everyone’s support, we will have real reform that works for everyone.

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