Stories For Liberation: The Day I Met Fear

Gerson Sermeno

The Day I Met Fear
By Gerson Sermeno

On that day, everything seemed normal. I was playing around, my mom was at the river, and my dad already had left for work. The morning was so bright, and the sugar cane plantation that was next to my house was so green. The neighbors were doing their morning routine, and I could hear the sound of nature all around.

Everything was so good and perfect, and as a little child, the only thing on my mind was to go out and play. Nothing to worry about, I just wanted to let the sun reach my face to wake me up completely.

I was jumping and running around the house with endless energy, with a big smile on my face, and my innocent way of viewing life. It felt like nothing could change that at all. As I ran to the back of my house, I saw something that changed everything. At that moment, my sweet smile turned into a bitter expression drawn in my face. The beating of my heart started rising so fast.he look in my eyes turned from innocence to fear. At that moment, I stood a few feet away from a horrible act of violence.

Blood dripping on the ground, the sound of the machete so rough, and the feeling of not being able to do a thing broke me down and it was even harder when I realized it was my uncle crying for his life. “Leave my uncle alone!” I shouted.

I cried and felt so weak as his flesh was being sliced by the hands of that man swinging the machete up and down. I was feeling angry, ready to jump in, but I was scared of what was happening and wanting to leave.

I was only a four-year-old at that moment, and my mind was there trying to figure out the best option, but my small body wasn’t enough to deal with it. My heart was burning, and my stomach felt like it never had before. My head was feeling as if ants were running up and down through it, and my tiny legs were shaking. I said in my mind, “God, help my uncle.”

Then, I ran scared. But, for some reason I did not go through the door, but set up a chair and jumped in the house through the kitchen window and locked all the doors.

I started to get headaches not knowing what to do, crying out loud on the ground and punching the floor with that energy, which turned into a heaving anger. I wished for super powers to save my uncle from that pain. Looking down, on my knees, I grabbed a piece of furniture and prayed so hard and with a heavy heart just asking God to jump in and help my uncle. Praying and praying, my body got so exhausted, and I fell asleep right there with the pain I was carrying inside.

Everything was so real with the hope it was only a nightmare, but it was happening there so close to me. The beautiful day I woke up to had turned into one of the most horrible and dark moments in my life that will stay with me, even when forgetting it would be the best thing.