Stories For Liberation: Can I Start Again?


Can I start again? These are the words of a very wise girl at Westbury High School. She is one of dozens of newcomer students who are preparing their stories for public presentations to their classmates, teachers, school boards, and for this website. Inspired by the publication of Brave Journeys, newcomers from 12 Long Island high schools are finding the words to give hope and inspiration to those who have walked in their path and to stir compassion in those who have no idea what it might have been like to cross mountains and deserts and rivers, not knowing what “Mrs. Karma” might have in store. We welcome a new series of high school writings as more and more students find the courage to be vulnerable enough to let us into their journeys and hearts.

Today is the moment!

Can I start again? What will happen if I make the choice to change? Forgive all the people who have hurt me? What will happen to me? Will I pay for damage I’ve caused? Will I go to heaven or hell?

Many people travel to the United States, and different parts of the world, to realize the famous “American Dream.” Other people die trying to realize their dreams. Others die in an unjust way.

Despite my mistakes, life gave me a second opportunity, and now, I want for everyone else to learn from me and remember that nothing is impossible in life. Everything you set your mind to, you can achieve with effort. My father always says to me, “Daughter, to want is to be able to.”

In life, sometime you win, other times… you learn!

“Before embarking on the journey of revenge, dig two graves.” These are the words I remember perfectly every day. What we do leaves a seed in our deep consciousness, and one day the seed will grow, sooner or later. It is never too late to start again.

Today is the moment!

Leave your past behind and start again. Don’t let Mrs. Karma put you on her list because she’s a bitch. She doesn’t play.

– English translation by Silvia Heredia