Herstory Freedom Forum at Stony Brook University Sat. Nov. 9



at the Charles B. Wang Center at Stony Brook University 

12:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

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What is it that writers have known all along throughout the centuries, that in times of oppression our voices must resound ever stronger?  When the liberty bell is cracked and the statue of liberty is crying, we must use every story inside us to restore our world.

Since the onset of the statewide Freedom Forum movement in 2017,  the stakes keep growing higher,  that somehow we must find a way for each of our voices to be added to a movement for sanctuary, welcome of the newcomer, cherishing our people and ensuring that we all will be equal and free. 

So it is that we invite you to join us for an afternoon of story shaping in which each audience member will silently or publicly donate what we call the Page One Moment, towards a movement to use memoir to fight against injustice.  

Story shaping in front of an audience is sacred,  potent and alive, as is the very private realization of a story that might never be shared, but that might become a call to action.

So it is that we invite you to become part of a larger circle and movement,  growing every year.

Program for the Day

 12:30–Partner Gallery: Mingling and Tabling by our Justice Partners.

 1:15 pm– Welcome, Introduction, and Tribute to Marcelo Lucero on the 11th anniversary of his death. 

1:30 pm– Set One Readings: Why We Fight for Justice (featuring readers from Herstory’s school, jail and community workshops)

2:30 pm– Town Hall-Style Story-Shaping Event (Part One) with Audience Participation

  • Engaging members of the audience to begin shaping their own stories needing to be told
  • Group exercise to be followed by a short networking break with light refreshments

3 pm– Set Two Readings: Understanding the Stakes

  • Shifting to cover root causes, childhood memories of injustice
  • Building to the Call to Action

4 pm– Town Hall-Style Story-Shaping Event (Part Two) with Audience Participation

  • Engaging members of the audience in continuing to shape their stories with a view to action  

4: 30 pm–Closing Reading: Re-imagining the American Dream

 4:40 pm– Call to Action: How Can We Use the Stories We’ve Heard to Build A Movement for Justice?   

  • Engaging each person who has gone through the day in looking deeply into how we might be able to build on a  a story-based strategy for change.

To download our flyer, click here 

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The world needs your stories…

To keep our country a welcoming place…

To protect the human rights our country was founded upon…

Consider joining our Campus/Community Workshop or Writing with our 100 Stories Project. 

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