Free Online Summer Workshops for English Language Learners from Herstory


Free Online Summer Workshops 

for English Language Learners 

Dear Friends,

As we approach the summer season and think about where we are most needed,  our hearts go out to the young people whose summer program resources have been most severely cut.   We think of the power of the workshops we were doing with newcomer students when the virus struck, and how those young voices are now much more needed than ever.  We invite you to circulate this announcement, just posted by NYS TESOL (New York State Teachers of Speakers of Other Languages), wherever there are young people seeking community and voice.  We are excited to bring together students from all over New York State to build bridges for this time.

Susanne Marcus, past president of NYS TESOL,  will be offering an informational webinar with Erika Duncan, Herstory’s founder and director, this Thursday, May 14, at 4 pm.   To access the details and register,  click here. 

Free Online Summer Workshops for English Language Learners

In partnership with NYS TESOL, Herstory Writers Workshop, winner of the 2019 Coalition for Community Writing Award for best campus community project, offers up to ten 10-week workshops for students who wish to write their stories.  Students from all over New York State will be guided in a unique process where they explore with one another the best way to help a reading stranger to walk in their shoes.  Each summer cohort will become a family in this time of isolation, working together to determine where they’d like their stories to travel in the world, to help other students keep their hopes and dreams and to let their parents, teachers and communities know who they are.   The workshops will take place in English, to allow all language learners to participate, regardless of their country of origin, with the freedom to write in the language of their memories and dreams at the heart of the project.  These workshops are part of a larger Herstory “Student Stories for Our Time” online project to foster leadership, community building and a story-based strategy to ensure the core values of empathy, equity, and inclusion for all.


DONATE HERE to help our students build a movement for justice through their words. 

DONATE HERE to help our students build a movement for justice through their words.


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The world needs your stories…

To keep our country a welcoming place…

To protect the human rights our country was founded upon…

As we take our campus community workshop on line, we welcome new members, during this crisis for our country and our world.  If you are interested in joining, please contact us at

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