Stories For Liberation

In collaboration with Herstory Writers Workshop, Stories for Liberation is a new series of poignant, individual stories from our immigrant communities. If you’d like to know more about Herstory, click here.

This month, we are featuring the stories of DACA recipients and U.S. born children of immigrant parents sharing in the struggles of their family members who are not similarly protected under the law from potential immigration enforcement.

In November, we focused on the harrowing tales of crossing the border and the difficult, almost impossible, decisions, that lead up to such a journey. They’re told by anonymous students from Central Islip High School.


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Stories For Liberation: “Nuestro Hogar”

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Stories For Liberation: “TPS… Vaya Con Dios”

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Stories For Liberation: “The Age Of Legality”

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Stories For Liberation: “The Light With The Answer”

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A Message From Erika Duncan, Founder Of Herstory Writers Workshop

Stories for Liberation: Family in Dark Times

What happens to the human spirit in times of oppression? Can family ties grow ever stronger, as harsh and cruel policies darken each coming day?

Our December series will focus on stories by Dreamers, who have been protected under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) through provisions made during the Obama administration, and young people who were born in this country, as they struggle with what is happening to the less protected members of their families.

As these young people experience their own increasingly fragile exemption from detention, deportation, and danger, the situation grows more and more precarious for their family members. The mandate to build solidarity, unity, and courage grows stronger.

We showcase these stories here with the hope that they will help people realize that it is not enough to exempt Dreamers from deportation without making sure that their parents, who dreamed with them and for them as they undertook dangerous journeys and risks, will be equally protected. Nor is it enough to set up one set of rules for children born in this country and another for those who were not.

We present these stories in a cry for reason, that families remain unbroken and that the desire to be together and strong be taken seriously and made real.

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