There are lots of ways to get involved. Here are some fun and easy activities to help make your community more welcoming.

One of the simplest actions you can take to help make Long Island more Welcoming is to come out and show support at one of our events! Welcoming Long Island and Long Island Wins regularly hosts events related to the theme of building stronger and more welcoming communities. Check out our upcoming event!

When Long Island welcomes immigrants, Long Island flourishes. A valuable way to show your support for the welcoming atmosphere on Long Island is to take our pledge!


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    Did you or your family immigrate or migrate to Nassau or Suffolk County? What were the joys and sorrows that were part of that process? Have you ever felt different or like an outsider? What helped you feel more included? Have you had a positive experience of being welcomed as a newcomer to Long Island? — Tell us more!

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      Do you have a photograph of what being welcoming means to you? This could be a photo of family, friends, co-workers, or fellow community members.

      We suggest gathering a group of friends or family and holding up a sign with your personal Welcoming message on it!

      If you would like to share a photo, please send it to

      When Long Island Welcomes Immigrants, Long Island Thrives

      When it comes to immigration, it’s easy to let differences separate us. At Welcoming Long Island, we seek to build mutual respect among foreign born and U.S-born people that call Long Island home today.

      Building Immigrant Friendly Communities Is Our Goal

      Welcoming Long Island focuses on helping Long Islanders born in this country understand and appreciate their new neighbors. We believe immigrants bring new energy, new ideas, and a new commitment to a better life that benefits us all.


      If you are interested in helping out with the Welcoming Long Island initiative, please contact Hendel Leiva, community organizer. Welcoming Long Island hosts several events throughout the year, contact us to contribute or volunteer.

      Write a letter to the editor or an opinion piece for your local newspaper about the Welcoming Long Island initiative. Your letter can focus on the initiative itself, or an activity associated with the initiative. You could also write a letter in response to an article in the paper that illustrates how immigrants are being welcomed in your community. Most newspapers have guidelines for how to direct your letter or opinion piece, and a general word limit (usually it ranges from 100-150 words). Newspapers will not print anonymous letters so be sure to include your full name and city as part of your letter, but they usually will call to verify that you wrote the letter submitted.

      Here are some of our suggested talking points:

      • Our country has a proud tradition of welcoming immigrants. We live up to our most fundamental values when welcome newcomers into our communities.
      • Immigrants have been integral to our history and continue to be central to our economy.
      • People come to Long Island to work and build a new life for their families. Immigrants are valued member of our communities and want a better future for their families, just like everyone else.

      This is the Welcoming Long Island list of recommended readings on immigration and the immigrant experience. We will be adding to it over time, so check back periodically for additions!

      This is the Welcoming Long Island recommended list on films relating to themes of welcoming communities, and immigration and the immigrant experience. Contact Hendel Leiva, community organizer if you would like to set up a film screening of any of these films in your area.