ABC Poll: Most Americans Say Immigration Adds Strength to U.S.


New polling from ABC News and the Washington Post shows strengthening support for immigration reform. The results are similar to a CNN poll conducted last week. In spite of all the rhetoric directed against immigrants, Americans are not buying the anti-immigrant line. Given the choice between “creating a path to citizenship” and “deporting all undocumented immigrants,” 79% chose the path to citizenship and only 15% favored mass deportations.

Then there is the question of building The Wall. 34% supported building a wall while 63% were against that extreme measure. Only 21% thought Mexico might be made to pay for it.

Support for immigration reform comes from voters attitudes towards immigrants. 64% said that immigration strengthens the US while only 24% said it weakens the country. This marks a 9% increase in the percentage saying immigration strengthens America over a January poll.

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