Immigration 101 Updated Index


Immigration 101 is a comprehensive series on American immigration law for the layperson. This series tracks my course on immigration law at Hofstra Law School and answers many of your questions about immigration policy.
Here is the current list of articles in this series.

What is Immigration 101?
Immigration 101 Overview of the Immigration System
Immigration 101 Employment Based
Immigration 101 Family Based Immigration
Immigration 101 So what makes up a family
Immigration 101 History We need a new Ellis Island
Immigration 101 NonImmigrants
Immigration 101 Coming to the U.S.
Immigration 101 Stopping ‘em at the border
Immigration 101 Don’t Give Me Your Poor
Immigration 101 Free Speech Part 1
Immigration 101 Free Speech Part 2
Immigration 101 Keeping the Chinese Out Part 1
Immigration 101 The Chinese Exclusion Act Cases Part 2
Immigration 101 Employer Sanctions Part 1 Introduction
Immigration 101 Employer Sanctions Part 2 How employers evade the law
Immigration 101 Employer Sanctions Part 3 The impact of sanctions on immigrants
Immigration 101 Deportation
Immigration 101 Why can’t we just Round ‘em Up and Ship ‘em Home?
Immigration 101 Raids!
Immigration 101 ICE Storm-An on the ground look at raids
Immigration 101 Sept. 11 and immigration
Immigration 101 How the Sept. 11 Hijackers got into the United States
Immigration 101 Becoming a Citizen Pat 1
Immigration 101 Becoming a Citizen Part 2 Good Moral Character
Immigration 101 Becoming a Citizen Part 3 English
Immigration 101 Becoming a Citizen-Part 4 What is an American?
Immigration 101 Becoming a Citizen-Part 5 What does an American believe?
Immigration 101 Becoming A Citizen Part 6 A confident view of who we are
Immigration 101 Political Asylum-Part I
Immigration 101-Refugees and the rise of Fascism and Communism
Immigration 101-The creation of modern Refugee Law
Immigration 101-Ronald Reagan and the subversion of refugee law
Immigration 101-What is a refugee?
Immigration 101-Asylum “Race, Religion, Nationality, Political Opinion, Social Group”
Immigration 101-When is a refugee not a refugee?
Immigration 101-The Convention Against Torture
Immigration 101-Gays, Lesbians and Immigration
Immigration 101-Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for People Fleeing War and Natural Disasters
Immigration 101-“Anchor Babies” and Birthright Citizenship for the Children of Undocumented Immigrants
Immigration 101-What if the Children of the Undocumented Born In The U.S. Weren’t Citizens?
Immigration 101-Why Can’t An Immigrant Be President?

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