You Can Help Create a Long Island That Works for Everyone


The end of the year is traditionally a time of giving. As 2014 comes to a close, we are asking our allies and supporters to join us in making a gift to Long Island Wins.

This year, our immigrant communities continued to face persistent challenges. But 2014 also brought hope that for many has been a long time coming. And Long Island Wins has been at the forefront of those battles and victories.

  • We communicate, we organize, we advocate for change;
  • We are Long Island’s primary 24/7 immigration information network;
  • We hold elected officials accountable to their promises to the immigrant community;
  • We mobilize advocates and community members to take action against any anti-immigrant sentiment particularly regarding the newly arriving Central American children;
  • We convene thought leaders, decision makers and community leaders from all aspects of life to develop commonsense immigration solutions that work for all Long Islanders;
  • We train and monitor law enforcement in cultural proficiency and best practices for protecting and serving the immigrant community; and
  • We’ve instituted a Welcoming Long Island initiative that promotes mutual respect and cooperation between our new American neighbors and our native-born Long Islanders.

There is much more to do to make Long Island work for all Long Islanders. For example, we will continue our fight for the remaining 6 million undocumented Americans who are not protected under President Obama’s administrative relief program.

Your support makes our work possible. We need you to help us work toward a Long Island that is willing and able to make full use of the talents of everyone who chooses to call Long Island home.

Please GIVE to Long Island Wins. Thank you!

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