Vigil Held Outside Congressman King’s Home To Urge Support For Dream Act

(Photo courtesy/Walter Barrientos)

More than 40 Make The Road New York members and immigration advocates marched to Congressman Peter King’s home in Seaford on Sunday, holding a vigil to push him to support comprehensive immigration reform.

They particularly called for a clean Dream Act—one without additional mandates for border protections—and protection of the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program.

Tonight, they will continue to put on the pressure with another vigil to be held at his district office in Massapequa Park.

The recent onslaught against DACA and TPS has left many families, neighbors, and Long Islanders living in fear of potential deportation.

“Our families are not able to celebrate the holidays,” said Walter Barrientos, Long Island Organizing Director for Make the Road New York, speaking with Newsday.

And, just yesterday, the Trump administration announced the end of TPS for Haiti, set for July 22, 2019. The status of those from El Salvador still awaits a decision in January, while the Honduran decision has been deferred until May.

Barrientos insisted that immigrants should not be used as bargaining chips for border security and immigration enforcement.

Speaking with Newsday on Sunday, King expressed his support for legislation that protects immigrant youth and said that he is “working on DACA,” and is “working on TPS.” However, King still insists on funding the out-of-control mass deportation complex.

“I want a wall. I want strong border enforcement. I want a strong ICE, but it has nothing to do with DACA,” King told to Newsday.

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