Our Statement On Trump’s Despicable Comments On Haiti, El Salvador and African Nations


In response to Trump’s abhorrent comments on immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African nations, Long Island Wins Executive Director Maryann Sinclair Slutsky issued the following statement:

“Who are we as a country if we can’t speak about precious human life without respect and dignity? Trump’s racist, white supremacist comments about Haiti, El Salvador and African nations and also signaling out a predominantly white country such as Norway as the standard for immigration policy is beyond disturbing. His comments do not reflect the American values many of us hold close to our hearts. Members of Congress must denounce his hateful words and stand up to him.

We know words matter. When someone with the stature of the President of the U.S. uses this kind of language, it opens the door to more accepted hate speech, hate crimes and racially motivated violence. We must all denounce these comments and this administration’s white supremacist agenda. Racism has no place in our country or in our communities.

This is a moment of moral reckoning. It’s a moment of truth about the meaning of America, the foundational principles of justice, equality and freedom and standing up to those who violate who we are. Once we decide as a nation and as individuals where we stand on this core question, perhaps we can get back to a policy negotiation that can save the people Trump has put at risk.”

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