Who Can Apply for College Finacial Aid Under the New York DREAM Act


After a decade of lobbying by Long Island groups like LIISA, Sepa Mujer, and CARECEN, and statewide advocacy by the New York Immigration Coalition, the New York State DREAM Act was signed into law. The details can be found here. Here is some basic information from the New York Immigration Coalition on who is eligible for the Undergradute benefits of the NY State DREAM Act.

Eligible undocumented immigrants and their children who enroll in New York higher education institutions will soon be able to apply for the New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), if  they meet the criteria.

Undocumented students and immigrants with a special visa status ARE ELIGIBLE to apply for undergraduate level awards, including scholarships, tuition assistance, and financial aid if they:

Applied to the undergraduate institution within 5 years of receiving a New York state high school diploma or diploma equivalency and either:

Attended a registered NY high school for more than two years and graduated or

Attended an approved NY program for a high school equivalency diploma and received a diploma

Please note there may be other salary/income requirements and:

Undocumented students are required to file affidavits with their higher education institutions noting they applied to legalize their immigration status OR will apply as soon as they are eligible to do so.

I will have more info soon on the NY DREAM Act aid for those going to graduate school.

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