Million of Dollars in FEW Funds Sent to Immigrants This Week


New York State began sending out the first payments to undocumented immigrants this week under the new Fund for Excluded Workers law. The cash awards are being sent in the form of a VISA Card from a company named Blackhawk. The cards can be used to take out money for free at Money Pass ATMs or used at stores. The cards can be used without fee for the first twelve months after they are issued at these locations. The  funds are taxable.

Individuals may receive $3,200 or $15,600 cash assistance. If both members of a couple qualify, each may receive the full amount, even if the couple filed taxes jointly. In other words, a tax-filing couple may receive up to $31,200 in assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions about the program can be found here.

Immigrants interested in applying for the fund are urged to carefully read the FAQs and to gather the necessary documents before applying. Once an application is filed, the applicant will only have a short time to supply documentation if something is missing.

The application can be found here.

Because the Fund will close when the 2.1 Billion Dollars allocated has been awarded, it is urgent that people qualifying apply as soon as possible.

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