White House Recognizes Welcoming Communities Are Stronger Communities


Earlier this week, the White House announced a historic step toward creating the nation’s first federal immigrant integration strategy—one that recognizes the importance of local efforts to build welcoming environments where immigrants and long-time residents join together to create stronger communities. Click here for the report and fact sheet.

Welcoming Long Island joins Welcoming America in applauding the White House for recognizing that immigrant and refugee integration make our country stronger and that the federal government can and should do more to support the burgeoning movement of welcoming communities across the country. This national policy is the first of its kind and affirms our nation’s leadership as a beacon of freedom and opportunity for all.

The report to the President was presented by the White House Task Force on New Americans, an inter-agency effort to better integrate immigrants and refugees and build welcoming communities.

Among the key strategies are:

    • Building welcoming communities


  • Strengthening existing pathways to naturalization and promoting civic engagement
  • Supporting skill development, fostering entrepreneurship and small business growth, and protecting New American workers
  • Expanding opportunities for linguistic integration and education



Here at Long Island Wins, through our Welcoming Long Island initiative, we look forward to continuing our work with the Welcoming America network to grow the welcoming communities movement. This historic moment is an affirmation of the national importance of our own welcoming work here on Long Island.

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