White House and Welcoming America Affiliates Share Ideas for Immigrant Integration


On July 16th, Welcoming Long Island joined nearly 200 representatives from the immigrant integration sector from across the nation at the first-ever White House National Convening on Immigrant and Refugee Integration, co-hosted by Welcoming America.

With Congress refusing to pass immigration reform this year and the increase in child refugees on the U.S.-Mexico border, The White House’s convening comes at a very crucial time. The event was an opportunity for immigrant integration practitioners to hear from representatives of the Obama administration as to how the federal government could support and coordinate local integration efforts.

The event was also an opportunity for practitioners, elected officials, faith leaders, researchers, and business representatives to share ideas and highlight the efforts of non-profit and municipal initiatives across the county seeking to help create safer, more inclusive communities for our new immigrant neighbors.

“Our communities are thriving by working together to embrace immigrants, but in D.C. we see a toxic and divisive dialogue leading to inaction,” said David Lubell, executive director of Welcoming America. “These initiatives ensure that immigrants are contributing at their fullest potential to the civic and economic fabric of communities, expanding inclusion and prosperity for all Americans. That is the reality on the ground, despite what our national leaders would have you believe.”

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