Three Percenter Militiamen Discussing Shooting Black Protesters on Twitter-Group Active in East Meadow Rally

Screenshot of video taken by Patrick Young of Reopen Rally Sunday in East Meadow, N.Y.

The Three Percent militia made their first public recorded appearance on Long Island three weeks ago in East Meadow. Monitoring of the largest Three Percenter social media sites reveals that there is an active discussion of members shooting Black Lives Matter protesters. According to the Daily Dot:

On public Facebook groups affiliated with the Three Percenters (also referred to as III%ers, 3%ers and 3 Percenters), comment after comment—and some posts—urges violence against people protesting police brutality against Blacks. Calls to arms are common, as are calls for murder.

Facebook’s policies prohibit hate speech, glorifying violence, and the like, yet you can find countless examples of just that on these group pages.

“Time to arm up against a communist [backed] insurgency of the liberal left wing Democrats,” writes one on the Three Percenters – Original, a group with 200,000 members. This group, the largest, is linked to the organization’s website.

“Open season on Domestic Terrorists WOOHOO!” reads a comment on

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  1. You are a blatant liar. Its funny how many of us out here are trying to do the real work and expose and arrest these people who make threats and act upon them. But all of our hard work is shit on by media like yourself. What agenda are you after there pal? Your report is pathetic and needs so many retractions it’s ridiculous. Where is your proof? First blatant lie about the Three Percenters Original having 200,000 members? Lie! They barely have over 20,000. And every person that has promoted unprovoked violence has been removed from that group. Seemed to have conveniently forgotten to mention that in your report! You are a waste basket for a news source. A dumpster fire at that. A toilet.
    Try being a lawyer cause at least we know and expect their lies. Leave journalism to people who actually take it serious. And as for us, on the front lines, who see and hear more threats of violence from the left than we ever hear from the right, the truth is known and not because of asshats like yourself. Leave the battle and actual fighting up to us on the front lines. Go be your Beta male self and piss down your legs. That’s all you’re good for anyhow.

    • Mike, last I checked from an article in 2018 was III% said they had about 10,000 members. I’m sure that has grown. As for anyone being removed from the group for being a little to passionate about their beliefs in the III% has been arrested and put away for years. One had a life sentence. So yeah, more like removed from society by the government judicial system. As for not promoting unprovoked violence, I’ve seen differently. Yeah, there’s violent nuts, or wanna be’s on the Left. I have seen more on the Right as the years have gone by. As for Beta’s, Betta fish can be pretty badass, LOL.

  2. As far as I know and remember from American and African American History the 3%ers go all the way back to the American Revolution they also had Peter Salem and several free Black Americans who fought alongside them I just can’t believe that they would harm fellow Americans regardless of creed or skin color.

    • The Three Percenters were first organized in 2008. Six are under indictment in connection with the storming of the Capitol on January 6.

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