Still More Info on the Return of DACA Three-Year Work Permits—Don’t Panic

Only 50 work permits that need to be returned in the New York area.
Only 50 work permits that need to be returned in the New York area.

My colleague Camille Mackler at the New York Immigration Coalition sent me this on the now notorious return of some DACA work permits. The number of permits that have to be returned are very small. Only about 50 in the New York area.

A quick update on the 3-year EAD recall – as a reminder, as of last week there were about 900 erroneously issued 3 year EADs that had yet to be returned nationwide so USCIS announced plans to have officials visit those applicants in their homes to retrieve the cards.

As of now, it appears that there are less than 50 cards outstanding in NY, with the vast majority in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. We are urging all in possession of these cards to go to the field office in person to avoid home visits. No appointment is needed. If they are no longer in possession of the card – or never received it – they will be allowed to sign a statement to that effect. If a home visit should take place, the official will show USCIS credentials and a business card. If there is any doubt as to the visitor’s purpose, individuals should call the phone number on the card to verify identity. The number will start either with 212-264-XXXX or 631-687-XXXX. We expect NY home visits to start this week.

ONLY 3 year cards issued AFTER 2/16/2015 pursuant to a grant of DACA must be returned. DACA recipients with those cards will receive a card with two year validity instead. This does not affect their DACA status. If they do not return the card or sign the statement by 7/31/2015 (next Friday) however, they will lose their DACA grant effective immediately.

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