Resources to Help Long Islanders Prepare for Administrative Relief


Although President Barack Obama’s administrative relief program won’t start until next year, undocumented immigrants who qualify can start preparing now. For starters, consider these three tips:

1. Get legal help. Have a free consultation with an immigration attorney. However, do not give any money up front. Also, steer clear of notarios or any one else who is not a licensed attorney.

2. Gather documents. This includes your passport, birth certificate, and any documentation that can prove how long you’ve been in this country.

3. Save money. It is unknown still how much it will cost to apply, so the more you can save the better.

The New York Immigration Coalition prepared a series of fact sheets and other resources that Long Islanders can utilize.

Document Checklist
Requesting your Criminal Record
DAPA Fact Sheet
New DACA Rules Fact Sheet
How Does the President’s Announcement Help…
Executive Action Flyer

Applicants can also find additional information on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website and on

And be sure to check back on Long Island wins for more information and resources as they become available.

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