Radio Host Calls for Turning Immigrants Into Slaves

Call to restore slavery in America.
Call to restore slavery in America.

An Iowa right-wing talk radio host is proposing that undocumented immigrants be turned into slaves

Media Matters says that:

On his August 17 show, Mickelson proposed an immigration plan that included posting signs around Iowa warning undocumented immigrants that they could either leave or “become property of the state.” When confronted by a caller who said the plan sounded like slavery, Mickelson responded, “what’s wrong with slavery?”

Asked by Media Matters to explain his comments, Mickelson argued his plan was “constitutionally defensible, legally defensible, morally defensible, biblically defensible and historically defensible.” He claimed Republican presidential candidates “would understand [his position] from a historical and intellectual point of view,” adding, “most of them would understand my point isn’t serious, the point is philosophical”—though he told a caller on the 17th, “you think I’m just pulling your leg. I am not.”

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