Pope Warns President that Refugee Migration Can’t Be Solved “With Razor Wire”

Pope Francis during visit to Africa.

During his flight from Morocco to Rome over the weekend, Pope Francis challenged political leaders who see the building of walls as the means for addressing international refugee migration. The Pope was asked by a reporter about Donald Trump’s threat to shut down the United States border with Mexico and build a wall to keep Central Americans out.  The Pope said that “it must be resolved differently, humanely, not with razor wire.”

Pope Francis warned that political leaders who tried to separate people with physical barriers “will end up becoming prisoners of the walls they build.”

The remarks came at the end of a trip where the Pope visited an area used by African migrants on their journeys to Europe. Francis told the migrants that they “are at the center of the church’s heart.”

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Patrick Young blogs daily for Long Island Wins. He is the Downstate Advocacy Director of the New York Immigration Coalition and Special Professor of Immigration Law at Hofstra School of Law. He served as the Director of Legal Services and Program at Central American Refugee Center (CARECEN) for three decades before retiring in 2019. Pat is also a student of immigration history and the author of The Immigrants' Civil War.

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