Now More than Ever Long Island Needs a Summit on Immigration

Millions of lives—including tens of thousands on Long Island—continue to be on hold while elected officials play politics over President Barack Obama’s administrative relief program.

A Texas judge ruled last week to temporarily block the President’s administrative relief program. And while the Department of Justice filed an emergency stay on Monday to override the injunction, the Senate took reckless chances by tying hateful legislation attacking the President’s program to a must-pass funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security—even after it has failed to pass four times.

In an op-ed penned on Monday, Obama wrote, “I am confident that all the steps I’ve taken on my own to fix our broken immigration system will eventually be implemented.”

Long Island has much to gain from the implementation of administrative relief. Only by working together can we make it known that Long Islanders support the program. And only by working together can we provide the information and services needed to those who are eligible.

That’s why you need to attend tomorrow’s summit on immigration at Hofstra University’s Student Center. Nearly two dozen thought leaders from seven key sectors—healthcare, immigration law, media, education, economy, government, and advocacy—will be there to highlight and discuss the importance of building a coordinated response and define strategies to make the most of the opportunities administrative relief will bring.

Don’t miss out. If you haven’t yet, be sure to register now. We hope to see you there.

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