Nearly Two in Three Americans Want Immigration Reform

The push for immigration reform remains strong.

While it’s unlikely that immigration reform will happen in 2013, public support remains strong for this important issue.

According to a new poll from the nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute, 63% of Americans are in favor of comprehensive immigration reform that creates a pathway to citizenship, as opposed to just 14% who back a plan that would only allow undocumented immigrants to become permanent legal residents, and not citizens. In addition, just 18% support a policy that would identify and deport all immigrants living in the U.S. without documents.

The majority support for immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship also crosses party lines. In fact, 60% of Republicans, 57% of independents and 73% of Democrats are in favor of reform, the poll shows.

The new report comes on the heels of a poll conducted by America’s Voice and Magellan Strategies (a Republican-leaning polling firm), showing that 82% of likely voters in Rep. Peter King’s district support “legislation that would significantly increase border security” while allowing immigrants to register for legal status and apply for citizenship.

It’s clear that the push for immigration reform remains strong. Despite harsh words from House Speaker John Boehner that reform is dead this year, House leaders, including Speaker Boehner himself, insist that immigration reform will have a place on the legislative calendar in 2014.

We all know that a majority of Long Islanders, along with a majority of Americans, want immigration reform with a path to citizenship. It’s up to us to keep the pressure on our elected officials, including Rep. Peter King, to do what the people are calling for.

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