Nassau County Executive Curran Demands Removal of ICE Trailer from Jail

(Photo/Nassau County)

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran has told ICE that it must vacate its trailer at the county jail in East Meadow by January 31. The demand comes following an order by the New York State Appellate Division barring local law enforcement from holding immigrants on non-judicial ICE warrants in a case brought by the New York Civil Liberties Union. A similar lawsuit, CARECEN v. Nassau County, is pending in state court.  Six ICE officers currently use the trailer.

Congressional Representative Tom Suozzi had been involved in negotiations that brought about Curran’s decision to remove the trailer. He stressed that the removal of ICE from the jail will help community policing efforts to control gangs by building trust in law enforcement among Nassau’s quarter million immigrants. County law enforcement appeared to be working in coordination with ICE, alienating many immigrants.

The Nassau Civil Liberties Union, CARECEN, Jobs With Justice, Empire Justice, and the Clinics at Hofstra University School of Law were among the organizations that led the effort to remove the trailer.

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  1. It’s no secret that Nassau county Public servants specifically law enforcement officers along with most employees from the courts and sheriff office are die hard racists. They will go to great extremes to punish the innocent violate the rights of those that don’t know their rights and will do everything in their power to charge people with false charges. Specially those of Hispanic/Latin descent i am a proper witness to this type of abuse so I speak with experience. There are few Nassau county police officers that do not violate those people’s right. But I am here to say you Nassau county shame on you and the officers that give you a bad name. There will be a time for all of this to change and that time is not far from. Once again it’s a shame that people have to withstand such abuse from the ones that are hired to protect and serve the community. And what disgusts me more is that we the people have to pay these public servants from our taxes. And I look forward to bringing the corruption to an end here on long Island may mangano and the Nassau county Jail warden be the first and certainly not the last to be brought to justice. And may God bless those that are involved in violating innocent people’s rights and involved in robbing our tax dollars. God bless America and God bless Nassau county from all the injustice and corruption that goes on in this beautiful county I call home.

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