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This year promises to be an exciting time in immigration reform. Over the next several months, our elected officials will be introducing comprehensive immigration reform that is sure to make our nation as well as Long Island a more diverse and welcoming place for all. Long Island Wins is dedicated to being a part of this sweeping change as we promote commonsense immigration policy that works for everyone.

Helping us to promote that message over the coming months is our group of interns, which this semester is the strongest such group we’ve had here at Long Island Wins. They each come from different backgrounds, have their own unique story and are all dedicated to learning the latest on immigration policy. In the coming days, each of them will introduce themselves in a blog post and talk about what they hope to achieve during their experience at Long Island Wins.

This is sure to be an exciting time in our nation’s history and we are delighted to have such a promising group of young adults experience that first hand.

I hope you will continue to visit our website for an opportunity to get to know our interns and how they’re helping to make Long Island a more welcoming place.

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Maryann Sinclair Slutsky is the Executive Director of Long Island Wins, a nonprofit communications organization that focuses on immigration issues on Long Island.

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