Immigration Reform is About Families


As we celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend, it’s important to remember that more than 1,000 families are getting torn apart every single day due to our broken immigration system.

Long Island Wins joined Make the Road New York and SEPA Mujer on Friday in support of comprehensive immigration reform that keeps families together and protects low-wage workers, particularly immigrant mothers.

mothersdaycrowdMothers shared their personal stories of immigration and how important it is that we have immigration reform that puts families first.

“We’re here to bring attention to women’s rights and domestic violence, but also to unify our families, because when mothers are unable to be with their kids, it’s very difficult not only for them, but for the whole family,” said Ana Giraldo of Long Island Jobs with Justice.

mothersdaysepamujer“It’s very hard on Mother’s Day for mothers to be separated from their children,” said Elizabeth Ulcuango of SEPA Mujer.

She shared her own personal story of being a victim of domestic violence. Fearing for her life, she made the difficult decision to leave her children behind in her native Ecuador. “Comprehensive immigration reform would help immigrants bring their families back together,” she added.

familymothersdaySo as we celebrate Mother’s Day with our families, please remember that there are thousands of families separated each day because of our broken immigration system. Please continue to reach out to our elected officials in support of comprehensive immigration reform.

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