Immigration 101: Revisit Our Most Popular Resource

This is the fourth anniversary of the Immigration 101 series and I wanted to take a moment to look back at how it started. Immigration 101 was originally conceived of as a series of a dozen articles discussing the basics of immigration law. There were ultimately more than 40 articles in the series. They focus on everything from how immigration raids work to how someone becomes a citizen. Over the years, Immigration 101 has become the most popular resource provided by Long Island Wins.

I remember writing the first article and my editor, without consulting me, slapping on the Immigration 101 title. I thought that the name was appropriate because the series tracks my basic immigration law course at Hofstra Law School.

My editor hoped I was writing a “do-it-yourself” guide to immigration law, but I wanted to write about the policies behind the laws. I wanted readers to understand the “why” of immigration law.

If you want to read any of the articles, just click the Immigration 101 tab at the top of the page or follow this link.

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