ICE Announces It Will End Most Raids, But There Are Doubts


The New York Times reported yesterday that:

The United States will delay arresting some people suspected of violating immigration laws until after the coronavirus crisis, authorities said on Wednesday, one of several recent emergency moves that could hamper President Donald Trump’s aggressive immigration crackdown. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will focus its arrest and detention efforts on “public safety risks” and individuals with certain criminal convictions, the agency said in a public statement.

ICE also said it would use alternatives to detention when appropriate for lower-level offenders. Such alternatives include ankle bracelets and telephonic monitoring systems.

There are a lot of doubts about whether this means that raids will be discontinued. There were three immigrants arrested on Staten Island just yesterday. I will let you know whether we see a genuine pull-back in ICE activity as information comes in.

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