Freeport Hosts 2012 Long Island Peruvian Cuisine Expo


On Sunday September 30th the 2012 Long Island Peruvian Cuisine Expo was held in Freeport, NY. More than ten restaurants were on hand to showcase a range of diverse dishes from various parts of Peru. The festivities included a presentation of several native dances, accompanied by a live instrumental set of Peruvian flutes and guitars.

I feel there is a lot of Long Island that is to be discovered through such events. Growing up in Brentwood, I never imagined there to be a large Peruvian population here on Long Island. I am grateful to have been introduced to a culture that is familiar in some aspects to my Ecuadorian culture, yet very different from anything I’ve encountered before. It is one of my goals to highlight the diverse populations that reside in our communities through the Welcoming Long Island initiative.

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