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This article originally appeared October 17, 2011, on Voices of NY.
New York’s ethnic and community media have started focusing on the Occupy Wall Street protests as people and politicians in the city’s neighborhoods have begun to swell the ranks of the demonstrators staying in Zuccotti Park; while some ethnic news outlets raise questions about the way the predominantly-white protesters treat potential allies who don’t look like them. Here is a selection of the coverage:

African American community:

—In the editorial, “View From Here: Occupy Wall Street,” in Our Time Press, David Mark Greaves emphasizes the importance of the movement for African Americans and considers what it means for a community that has “two and more times the unemployment of whites, a fraction of the wealth and none of the privileges from centuries of injustice.” (10/9)

—“People of color call out ‘Occupy’ movement’s exclusion” in theAmsterdam News relates two incidents of racial tension in Philadelphia and New York. Minorities and poor people have been facing a “crisis” long before the economic collapse began in 2008, mentions Stephon Johnson. (10/13)

20111017-99er(Photo Credit: Ted Hesson/Long Island Wins)

Chinese community:

—The World Journal reports, members from the Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence (CAAAV) joined the protests. OurChinatown has an English summary. (10/6)

—Also covered by the World Journal, Peter Kwong, a scholar of the labor movement and professor of Asian American Studies and Urban Affairs and Planning at Hunter College, visited the protests with other academics. He said that Occupy Wall Street echoes the real voices of the middle class. Article in Chinese, English summary in OurChinatown. (10/6)

SingTao mentions that the executive director of Asian American Arts Centre, Robert Lee, stopped by the protests. As a protester against the Vietnam War, he proposed an art exhibit to communicate different points of view. Article in Chinese, English summary in OurChinatown. (10/10)

Indian community:

—As covered by News India Times, Deepak Chopra, a scholar on spirituality, visited Zuccotti Park on Oct. 3 while on a tour to publicize his new book, War of the World Views. He urged protesters to take a few minutes to meditate and, citing Mahatma Gandhi, urged them to be the change they want to see in the world. (10/14)

Latino community:

Diario de México notes in “Indignados Hispanos” (“Outraged Hispanics”) that a group of young Latinos who have joined the movement are fighting not only for economic reform, but for immigration reform as well. Article in Spanish. (10/10)
—Queens musician Carlos Dipre writes an emotional piece in El Diario La Prensa that concludes: “One thing Wall Street should be certain of: The protesters will not give in.” (10/11)

—Another editorial in El Diario La Prensa warns young people to not fall into the trap of political parties or politicians–saying they are all the same and equally responsible for the situation we find ourselves in now. Be wary of local politicians for they have all disappointed the very people who elected them, it says. Article in Spanish. (10/12)

—According to Impacto Latin News, a group of musicians have formed the Coalition of Latino Artists in New York and joined Occupy Wall Street. They noted that those affected by the economic crisis include the majority of Latino immigrants. The group will play a free acoustic show this Sunday, October 16. Article in Spanish. (10/12)

20111017-occupy(Photo Credit: Ted Hesson/Long Island Wins)

Polish community:

—According to Nowy Dziennik, Lech Walesa, former president of Poland, trade union activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner, told the Polish media that he has accepted an invitation from Occupy Wall Street and will come to support the protest. Article in Polish, translation coming soon. (10/12)

Other publications:

Colorlines’ Channing Kennedy collects some comments in response to its coverage of Occupy Wall Street in “How is Occupy Wall Street Including Folks of Color?” You can find more of their articles concerning the movement in their “Hot Topics” section. (10/10)

—Writing in The Indypendent, Yotam Marom reflects on the growing Occupy Wall Street movement–explaining how “we” are winning, what “we” want and what the future holds. (10/13)
—From The Riverdale Press: In “Local politicos travel to Occupy Wall Street,” Adam Wisnieski tells of five members of the small grassroots political group Northwest Bronx for Change who went downtown together to the protests.
—The movement made its way to Bell Boulevard in Queens, reported theQueens Courier. Standing outside the Bayside LIRR Station, almost a dozen protesters held signs calling for taxes on corporations.


Jewish Forward: “Jewish activists across the United States constructed sukkahs as part of ever-growing Occupy Wall Street movement and to mark the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot.”

Occupy Sukkot Across the Country from Jewish Forward on Vimeo.

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