Boehner Lawsuit an Admission of Failure

Boehner announced he will sue the president over administrative relief, although he isn't certain how.
House Speaker John Boehner said Tuesday that he will try to thwart the will of the American people by filing a lawsuit to halt implementation of President Barack Obama’s November 20 administrative relief program. The announcement seemed an admission that the legislation the House passed earlier this month to accomplish the same thing has little chance of accomplishing anything.

The House Speaker said that he has no idea what the basis of the lawsuit will be or what arguments for blocking the program will be made. Considering how long it has taken John Boehner to act on anything involving immigration is the past, we can expect a long wait.

Nancy Pelosi’s spokesman said that Boehner’s announcement was “an embarrassing admission of failure.” That seems to hit the nail on the head. Two years ago, Boehner began promising House action on immigration reform. After an entire year of work, all he could come up with was a one-pager outlining his “principles.” Even that sad effort was promptly rejected by the members of his own caucus.

Boehner’s failure to control his own majority in the House forced President Obama to enact reforms that were considerably less generous than those passed by a bipartisan Senate majority in 2013. Now, instead of an alternative immigration reform proposal, all Boehner has to offer is a lawsuit.

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