Biden: Immigration Reform Would Make Us Safer

Vice President Joe Biden has long supported immigration reform.
Comprehensive immigration reform would benefit everyone in this country, not just immigrants.

Because comprehensive immigration reform is comprehensive, it addresses an entire broken immigration system and all the factors associated with it, and overhauls it from the bottom up.

Speaking with law enforcement officials last week, Vice President Joe Biden talked about the national security benefits of immigration reform, beyond the controversial “border surge” amendment added to the Senate bill at the last minute.

“This is a public safety issue,” Biden said. “Immigration reform is going to make our communities safer and make these guys’ job much easier,” he added, nodding at the law enforcement officials assembled in the room.

“They’re worried about domestic abuse taking place in the immigrant community…it’s never reported,” he said. “We’re given examples of pickers in the field, agricultural workers, being afraid to put money in the bank….and they’re getting victimized and robbed – no way to report that.”

“Fixing a broken immigration system is going to allow law enforcement to focus on catching criminals and keeping neighborhoods safe,”  Biden said.

The path to citizenship proposed in the Senate bill is a tough but direct and achievable 13-year path that includes a thorough background check, to ensure that everyone that is of good moral character can become a citizen and contribute fully to our economy.

In addition, many of the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the shadows are reluctant to report crimes that they have witnessed or have been a victim of, out of fear of deportation. Similar to the secure communities policy, this is allowing criminals to get away with victimizing members of the community.

Comprehensive immigration reform would fix that.

Please continue to contact your local representatives and let them know that we need comprehensive immigration reform.

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