Biden Administration Announces Temporary Protective Status (TPS) for Haiti

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

On Saturday, the Biden Administration announced a new Temporary Protected Status Program for people from Haiti. The program will cover Haitians who arrived in the United States by May 21, 2021. At the time I am writing this, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) of the Department of Homeland Security has not yet begun accepting applications. Applications will only be accepted once a notice of the program is officially published in the Federal Register. That publication is likely within the next week or two.

TPS is a temporary program allowing the recipient to live and work in the United States for the next 18 months. It is often renewed. Those successfully applying will receive a temporary work authorization card. No one who hopes to apply for the program should leave the United States prior to receiving their TPS card. After the card is received the person may travel if given permission, called “Advance Parole,” by the USCIS.

While Haitians can’t apply yet for TPS, those who believe they are eligible should begin collecting documents to support their applications. These included a Haitian passport and documents proving the person was in the United States by May 21, like utility bills and bank records.

This victory was achieved by immigrants and their supporters working through groups like YAM, Elmont Cultural Center and the New York Immigration Coalition to protect Haitian rights. When more details on this program are announced over the coming week, I will post them here on Long Island Wins.

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