Anti-Immigrant Leader Matt Heimbach Headed to Jail

Matt Heimbach with his Blackshirts at a white nationalist rally.

Matt Heimbach made his way to fame by attacking immigrants as criminals and assaulting an African American woman at a Trump campaign rally. Now he is headed to jail.

Heimbach is the leader of the Traditionalist Workers’ Party, an small and violent Alt-Right gang that has placed immigrants in its hairs since it first started. Heimbach is one of a small number of white supremacists to gain a national following as the media placed him in the spotlight following his violent acts in support of Donald Trump. Now his propensity for violence, and sex, has landed him in jail for 38 days.

Heimbach was on probation for the Trump rally sucker punch of a woman when he assaulted his neighbor. The neighbor happened to be married to the step-mother of Heimbach’s wife. At the time the altercation took place, Heimbach was having sex with his mother-in-law in a trailer and both Heimbach’s own wife and her cuckolded step-father were confronting him on his violation of “traditional values.” The ones that say you don’t cheat on you wife and especially not with your wife’s mom. And super-especially when the cuckold lives next door.

Matt Heimbach has been a nasty organizer on the far-right since his student days with Youth for Western Civilization. My own on-line confrontation with him came back then when he operated under the pretense of color-blind conservativism. After the group broke apart when its leader also assaulted a Black woman, Heimbach has been open in his hatred for non-whites, immigrants, LGBT people, and Jews.

Have a nice time in jail Matt!

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