Alt-Right Activist to Serve As Special Assistant to President Trump

A protege of Steve Bannon has been named as special assistant to Trump.

Yet another anti-immigrant ideologue is set to occupy a high position in the Trump administration. Julia Hahn, a prominent writer for the Alt-Right platform Breitbart News, is reportedly to serve as special assistant to President Trump. Hahn is a protégé of Steve Bannon, former publisher of Breitbart, and will now work directly under him, according to Politico.

Julia Hahn has no significant administrative or issue-based experience. Only twenty-five years old, her job prior to joining Breitbart was as a producer for right-wing radio provocateur Laura Ingraham. She is yet another Trump appointee from the white nationalist fringe of conspiracy-based fake news generators.

Hahn has a record of targeting conservative elected officials who show any sense of moderation on immigration policies, especially House Speaker Paul Ryan. Hahn has written many articles on crimes allegedly committed by immigrants, which she blames on Ryan and calls him out to apologize for the crimes to the victims and their families. She has also accused Ryan of being behind a “months-long campaign to elect Hillary Clinton.” She is not being put in office to build bridges to moderate conservatives, she is there to “napalm” them, according to one Republican.

Conservative writer William Kristol of The Weekly Standard told the Washington Post that “She’ll be Bannon’s Bannon and make Bannon look moderate…Her tendency is to fight and fight, often to the extreme.” Conservative Republicans told the Washington Post that they believed that Hahn is being brought into the administration as an attack dog to force Republicans in Congress to follow Trump’s white nationalist line on immigration and other policies. They expect her to write fiery pieces to rouse the Republican base against Congressional Republicans if they prove reluctant to support the new president’s agenda.

In her writings for Breitbart, Hahn has pushed Republicans to support Trump’s “Muslim Ban,” bemoaned the future loss of White Majority status, as the United States becomes more ethnically diverse, and covered immigrants only as sexual predators, terrorists, and murderers.

Many conservatives advised last month to wait until Trump is in office to see what he will do before we complain. With appointees like Hahn, we are seeing what he is doing, and it is even more frightening than we feared.

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