100 Law Profs Call for TPS for Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras


More than 100 law professors signed a letter last week calling for Temporary Protected Status for immigrants escaping violence in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. The letter is addressed to President Obama and says that:

The litigation in United States v. Texas could likely continue for years without a definite resolution. In the meantime, your Administration has the legal authority to provide relief to a significant number of undocumented individuals whose deportation is untenable in light of current country conditions for the Northern Triangle countries. Congress explicitly created TPS as  a  tool  for, your  Administration  to  address  humanitarian  crises, delegated substantial authority, and even precluded legal challenges

In light of this explicit congressional authorization, we  respectfully  ask  that  your Administration re­designate El Salvador and Honduras and designate Guatemala for TPS.

Thanks to the American Immigration Council for alerting us to this.

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