Meet Our New Interns: Ariel Walzer


My name is Ariel Walzer and I am a returning intern to Long Island Wins. In the summer of 2009, I also interned with the organization, helping with the Cultural Events blog posts and learning more about the immigration issues specific to Long Island. Now, I am a college student and social justice has grown from a subject of interest to a passion. It is my hope that my interests in writing, design, film and social justice will add new color and perspective to the Long Island Wins blog. I look forward to adding my voice to the conversation.

As a second-generation daughter of an immigrant mother, I have first-hand knowledge of the many benefits of a diverse community. I believe we need a more transparent and effective dialogue among citizens and government about immigration reform. That is why I have returned to Long Island Wins during this exciting time. I look forward to watching events unfold and helping Long Island Wins continue to be a part of the advocacy community.

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