Suffolk County Now Testing for COVID in Brentwood, Huntington, and Riverhead


Suffolk County has announced that Hot Spot Testing for COVID19 has begun in Huntington, Brentwood/Central Islip, and Riverhead. You need to call to make an appointment. The sites accept both drive-in and walk-up appointments. People will be asked if they have insurance, but if they do not have insurance, most will qualify for FREE Emergency Medicaid. This is available for undocumented immigrants, other immigrants, and native-born without any discrimination. For those qualifying for Emergency Medicaid (including undocumented immigrants) test evaluation and treatment will also be covered for free. Here are flyers in Spanish and English. Scroll down, there are six flyers. [Note: We expect that the Huntington site may be expanded to include St. Hugh of Lincoln Church in Huntington Station.]


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