REMAX Realtor in Ronkonkoma Accused of Threatening to Kill “a Ni@@@@” With Assault Rifle


UPDATE: REMAX has terminated Jared Aversano as of today.

In yet another self-made racist video, a Suffolk small businessman appears to threaten to kill a “Ni@@@@” supporter of Black Lives Matter. The man, identified by online accusers as Jared Aversano, wields a military-style assault rifle while using the racial hate word. A “Jared Aversano” whose photo strongly resembles the man in the video is a REMAX agent in Ronkonkoma. Recent Newsday reporting exposed widespread racial discrimination by realtors.

The violent bigotry of the man in the video led to widespread condemnation and the reported removal of the original video.

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  1. How can they terminate him Jared is the son of the Owners of REMAX I bought a home in which he was the listing agent and he was very unprofessional . I had a suspicion he didn’t want me to purchase the home based on my race and the purchase agreement was delayed due to his unprofessional, questionable behavior maybe his Parents should invest some money into getting him some professional help this young man stated he served in the military during one of our conversations so is this what this Country is producing or again should his Parents pay now to get him some professional help or pay later when their time bomb goes off !!!!!!

  2. Parents own the remax office. The father is a real peach to deal with. I see where he gets it from. Boycott this office, stop making the Aversano’s richer

  3. Hey maybe people should pile watermelons outside of his parents Remax office, like they did to the racist restaurant owner in Huntington. Would be a peaceful way of denoting a racist business so people will not support them.

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