Owner of Huntington Restaurant Goes on Racist Rant Threatens Black Marchers With “Watermelons”

From Luigi Petrone’s facebook page.

The owner of Tutto Pazzo Italian Restaurant in Huntington made racist statements on a video he shot that were so inflammatory that many are calling for a boycott of his business. Luigi Petrone is shown in the video walking on New York Avenue in Huntington commenting on the march organized by high school students in support of justice for George Floyd. Although the march was peaceful, he calls the children marching “savages” and says that he threatened them with watermelons. According to Petrone he and others in Huntington were going to throw watermelons at the students.

For those of you who don’t know, during the Civil Rights Era, the Ku Klux Klan would show up at demonstrations organized by the African American community and taunt marchers with watermelons.

Rebecca Sanin a community leader in Huntington said that Petrone’s self-published statement was outrageous. She said that “we will never go back and that we need to support businesses that support our communities.” Many others in the Huntington area were equally upset by the owner’s statements and they have begun using social media to call for a boycott.

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  1. I believe Mr. Petrone may have lost some business because of his hatred and name calling. We see and hear you in the light of day.

  2. What a piece of human garbage. This guy is a racist pig and he deserves to be boycotted. Huntington deservers MUCH better, you MAGAT jerk!

  3. The only way we can hit back is to boycott his restaurant. That’s the only action racists recognize. When it starts to hurt their livelihood they will pay attention. This guy is no New Yorker. I am a Huntington resident and I am all for peaceful protests and no violence but pigs like him dishonor the great town of Huntington.

  4. It’s Amazing how us Americans don’t remember our history when in the 1600,1800 and 1900 we had riots and it wasn’t African Americans and whole towns were burnt down. This Guy doesn’t know his History that the Biggest Lynching in one day in the United States was on hard working Italians in Louisiana claiming a Italian American shot an Irish Police officer, and wasn’t true but lynched a large number in One day.

    • I would wish for God to have mercy on Luigi’s soul but I believe he will be end up much further South… and soon too judging he’s an old fat f*ck.

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