Call Sentor Todd Kaminsky and Tell Him to Support Driver’s Licenses for Immigrants


We are in the last days if the budget process in Albany. State Senator Todd Kaminsky needs to step up and support driver’s license access for immigrants.

Call Todd Kaminsky this week to urge him to support the fight to include the legislation (A03675/S01747) that expands access to driver’s licenses for New York State residents regardless of immigration status, in the Budget. Tell him to join the Green Light New York campaign.

Currently twelve states and two territories have expanded access to driver’s licenses to motorists regardless of immigration status.  However, New York bars over 800,000 undocumented immigrants from obtaining driver’s licenses. Providing access to driver’s licenses is an important matter of public safety, community integration, and economic growth that will strengthen New York communities.

Call Senator Kaminsky at 518-455-3401.

Toff Kaminsky’s District:

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