Hempstead Residents Host Workshop on Redestricting in Light of Upcoming Elections


Saturday October 15, 2011

Stephen Flohr, 516-859-8251

Latino Residents Host Workshop on Redestricting in Light of Upcoming Elections

Hempstead, NY – On Saturday, October 15, Spanish-speaking residents of Hempstead Village will host a workshop on the significance and implications of political redistricting. In anticipation of upcoming elections, the workshop seeks to inform attendees and community stakeholders of the impact that redistricting can have in their communities. Those in attendance will have space to ask questions and raise concerns about the redistricting process in a fully bilingual forum.

Community Workshop on Redistricting: Drawing the Lines of Political Power in our Communities

Saturday, October 15, 5pm

Long Island Civic Participation Project (LICPP)
250 Fulton Avenue, Suite 607
Hempstead, NY 11550

Hempstead Village residents

Long Island Civic Participation Project (LICPP)


To provide attendees with a clearer understanding of political redistricting, the process by which the boundaries of elective districts are redrawn to maintain equal representation on the basis of population, and to educate on how this process will affect our communities (districts, schools, etc). To provide insight as to how community members can ensure that their interests and representation are safeguarded.


The Long Island Civic Participation Project (LICPP) organizes with rank-and-file union and community members in Nassau County. LICPP members develop and support campaigns that promote dignity and human rights of workers and immigrants in our society.

Stephen Flohr is a peace activist and the senior organizer at La Fuente/Long Island Civic Participation Project (LICPP).

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