Haitian, African and Salvadoran Advocates Denounce Trump’s Abhorrent Comments


Long Island community leaders and advocates representing immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations collectively denounced on Friday afternoon Trump’s recent horrendous slurs, which further cast a shadow on a presidency that has devolved into a torrent of xenophobia and racism.

They gathered at the CARECEN headquarters in Hempstead, demanding an end to the hate and reminded elected officials across the spectrum that these events, and their responses, will be remembered come Election Day in November.

“I refuse to hear someone tell me maybe he meant this or that. No. Growing up here on Long Island, I know what it is when racism is at the door,” said Maryse Emmanuel-Garcy, founder of Haitian-American Family of Long Island. “I’m calling on all of you, who want us to vote for you, to get to know us better, and not just use us when you want us.”

“As a young Salvadoran American, I am outraged to have heard the latest remarks of President Trump treating our country, our brothers and sisters of Haiti, and the African community as the term that he called us,” said Siomara Umana, staff attorney at CARECEN.

“This is a moment of moral reckoning. It’s a moment of truth about the meaning of America, the foundational principles of justice, equality and freedom and standing up to those who violate who we are. Once we decide as a nation and as individuals where we stand on this core question, perhaps we can get back to a policy negotiation that can save the people Trump has put at risk,” said Maryann Sinclair Slutsky, executive director of Long Island Wins.

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